Project Description

Freelancing as Lead 3d Developer for Rob Rhyne Multimedia, we were tasked with creating a configuration and ordering application for a well established American fabrication company. The application had to work on both ipad (for the sales representatives) and the web (for headquarter admin access). The idea was to allow the sales reps to easily configure the available products whilst with the prospective customers and instantly give both the visual feedback and highlight any construction errors, when the orders were complete the data is uploaded along with schematics and a customer copy PDF is also automatically generated.

The task was completed using Unity3d due to its ease of use and instant deployment to our target platforms. Some of the most intrinsic difficulties in creating this app were connection logic and implementation of a rules system, and getting useful measurements to display in the 2D schematic views with out overlaying graphics and conflicting with other measurements.

Video music by Tom Cusack from under creative commons license.

Supported Platforms : iPad, Web