Jon Martin 2013The motivation and energy for what I do, want to do, have done and may never get round to doing, results from a desire and sense of satisfaction gained from an understanding of how something works, achieving something new to myself and the quest to deliver an experience through a medium that hopefully exhilarates, stimulates or benefits the lives of others to some extent.

Currently I work as freelance developer, programmer and 3d artist on android, ipad, mobile, web and desktop platforms. My work has mainly utilised the power of the Unity 3d game engine in recent years and C#, but I have also completed projects using C++ (Open GL & Open CV), Flash (AS3), PHP, HTML5, and Javascript. I have a number of regular clients and my work has ranged from developing engineering and problem solving configuration applications/ computer vision based applications through to games and augmented reality/presentation showcases.

Although programming and working with computer graphics since the age of eight, my education and interests led me in the direction of theatre in the early 1990’s partially due to the heavily business based computer courses and the journalistic based media studies courses on offer, plus the advances in video projection other associated technologies at the time made it an interesting medium. One common link between my education and the work I currently undertake is the desire to control a space/scene and the desire to get something as perfect as you imagined it and relay that experience to another. Although computer technology is fantastic it can be still very difficult to achieve especially in an organic or tactile sense and with a given time constraint. The other common factor is the technology itself, finding new methods to excite the viewer or solve a certain problem in a way you’ve never thought of before. Over the last few years, I have found myself becoming more intrigued by the maths, calculus and problem solving algorithms that so many people use on a regular basis, but have little understanding of the workings and brilliance of the mathematicians, researchers, programmers behind them.

This blog was created not only as a portfolio of my work, but to also show my explorations, code and understandings / mis-understandings of other related works, in the hope that it may be of use or note to some others afflicted with the same issues/interests as me. Thank you for your visit.

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