Project Description

The aim of this project was to produce a 3d promotional movie for the Hull based employment service ‘Jobshop’. One of the major goals for this project was that the movie was to utilise their existing Phillips WowVx 3dtv to encourage new business making use of the existing asset. The 3dtv was located in good line of sight of passing trade and would need to utilise visual imagery and its 3D presence to attract potential customers/clients and to raise awareness of the Jobshop services. Due to the location on the 3dtv, sound/speakers could not be utilised in this media piece but was added later to enhance the web version we provided for online marketing purposes.

When designing this piece, the client and I concluded that the movie would need to rely heavily upon the use of keywords and images that would hopefully relate to the viewers collective consciousness and at the same time provide a journey into which the Jobshop’s services could be highlighted. It was also equally important that the visuals made the most of the 3d effect, so whilst drafting the storyboard I had to consider carefully what 3d elements would appear effectively and also the best methods of camera movement so as not clip certain objects at side of the screen. The piece took over two-three months to complete, but was both an enjoyable and interesting project to work on. The Jobshop were extremely happy with the end result and feel that it reflected the effort put in by the FusedWorks team, although to fully appreciate this piece it is best seen on a Phillips 3dtv.

Supported Platforms : All, Phillips 3DTV