Continuing on from my previous post about splitting an Android APK in unity, you may find if you are using a plug-in such as Vuforia that certain assets need to be copied out from the streaming assets folder which has now become zipped/compressed and lies within the OBB extension file before certain processes can be started or called.

Based on my previous post we had a small script that lies in an empty scene this scene is the first scene to get loaded and then calls another scene which contains the main content of your application, this allows the split apk to only have a small app apk size and puts the rest of your app data into the obb extension part.

In this version we add an array of streaming asset file paths which on loading the attempts to find these files and copy them over to the persistent data folder, which works fine with vuforia 3.09 or up, as it also searches in the persistant data folder for images targets etc.


The code now looks like below:-


You may find if you are using any movie files from the streaming assets folder that in some of your scripts where the path was


that you may want to correct the paths as below or in a similar fashion:

Hope that helps

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